Prefabricated metal corrugated structures (SMGS) such as «SuperCor», «MultiPlate» and «UltraCor» produced by the holding «ViaCon Group» in comparison with reinforced concrete artificial structures are:

1. Durability (service life of 75 — 100 years);
2. Guarantee the quality of construction in the planned time due to the maximum factory readiness of the construction kit and ease of installation of high quality labeled elements;
3. Possibility of transportation to the construction site by conventional vehicles (including on dirt roads);
4. Provision by the manufacturer of both standard and individual Assembly drawings of structures with the participation in the future of the company’s representative in the Assembly, installation and arrangement of the ground clip;
5. Possibility of construction with the involvement of General construction workers;
6. The ability to organize work in technological «Windows» in a short time (without detours or with minimal interference to transport);
7. Extending the construction season;
8. Ability to adapt standard projects in accordance with the requirements of the tnpa of the Republic of Belarus;
9. Answers to architectural and aesthetic requests of Customers;
10. The least harm to the environment as in the construction and operation of;

The cost of constructing a bridge with such structures is significantly less than the cost of a structure built using traditional technologies with the use of reinforced concrete, as a result, not only savings in the construction budget are achieved, but also savings in the Customer’s maintenance and maintenance costs over the entire service life.