Prefabricated metal corrugated structures (SMGS) made of alloy galvanized steel MultiPlate MP200, SuperCor and UltraCor.

They are a proven solution for:

tunnels for roads and Railways;
bridges and overpasses;
underground pedestrian and livestock crossings
viaducts, bio-crossings;
conveyor casings, trunks of technological tunnels, etc.
hangars, shelters, underground storage facilities;
strengthening and reconstruction of existing structures (bridges, tunnels, crossings, etc.)

The purpose of SMGK technology is the construction of arched structures of large diameters. The structures work together with the backfill soil, which allows you to perceive all types of road and rail loads. The durability of the alloy steel itself, combined with high-quality galvanizing and additional (if necessary) polymer corrosion protection, allows you to achieve a service life of up to 100 years. In comparison with the option of a bridge made of reinforced concrete, the construction period of engineering structures using these structures is several times less, and labor costs are also lower, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the total cost of construction of the structure.

For more detailed technical information, please contact the technical Department of Viakon Technologies LLC.

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