Plastic pipes Pecor Optima-a spiral corrugated double-wall pipes with a smooth inner part, used for the construction of culverts and external sewer systems. The service life of these pipes can reach 100 years.

The unique spiral design of the Pecor Optima® pipe wall allows for optimal stress distribution along the entire length of the pipe and provides high ring stiffness along the entire length. The smooth inner surface of the Pecor Optima® pipes ensures excellent hydraulic performance. This product can be used for bends in the plan and profile of an artificial structure.

The raw material for the production of Pecor Optima® pipes is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Standard pipe lengths are L = 6 m, 7 m (for SN 8) and L = 6 m (for SN 6 and SN 4). The production process makes it possible to produce pipes with a length of 12 m.

Pecor Optima pipes are ideal for use in engineering structures such as:

Road and railway culverts
Ecological transitions for animals and amphibians
Finished culverts in forestry
Ventilation system
Agro-industrial ventilation (drying complexes)

Pecor Optima pipes are manufactured in the following ring stiffness classes:

— SN 4 (4 kPa) – pipes 1400 mm

— SN 6 (6 kPa) – pipes from 300 mm to 1400 mm

— SN 8 (8 kPa) – pipes from 300mm to 1200 mm

— It is possible to produce SN 10 pipes on request

This pipe system is equipped with the following elements:

Connecting bands
Taps (30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°)
T-shaped elements (45°, 90°)
Other fittings with different angles are also available.

For more detailed technical information, please contact the technical Department of Viakon Technologies LLC.

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