HELCOR and HELCOR Pipe Arch PA-steel galvanized spiral corrugated pipes with an additional polymer coating Trenchcoat (high density polyethylene) are systems used in various areas of construction:

road and railway culverts;
underground pedestrian crosswalks and animal crossings(bio-crossings)
hydraulic structure;
casings of conveyors and conveyors,
linings and reconstruction of existing pipes and engineering structures;
to facilitate spans of bridges and overpasses;
industrial ventilation pipes;
observation wells, etc.

HelCor pipes are made by cold forming steel into a round corrugated shape with a diameter from 300 to 3800 mm.

The geometrical characteristics of the Pipe Arch HELCOR PA produced through controlled mechanical deformation of HelCor pipes with the use of hydraulic jacks. Section width can be within the range 2280 — 3650 mm, section height 1700 – 2390 mm.

Standard length of HelCor ®pipes it is 6 m, 7 m and 8 m, but the production process allows you to produce pipes of any length based on the customer’s needs and the possibility of transportation.

HELCOR Pipe Arch PA pipe links are available with a length of 6 m


For the production of HelCor pipes and HELCOR Pipe Arch PA, as well as connecting bands, steel conforming to the standard STB EN 10346-2011 is used «flat steel Products with a hot coating. Technical delivery conditions».

Steel is supplied in rolls with a protective coating in accordance with the standards of a / m:

Zinc coating 600 g / m2 on both sides, which is equivalent to 42 microns on each side

Zinc coating 1000 g / m2 on both sides, equivalent to 70 microns on each side

Zinc coating 600 g / m2 on both sides, which is equivalent to 42 microns on each side, with an additional 250 microns polymer film (TrenchcoatTM) on one or both sides.

HelCor ® and HelCor PA pipes are made of steel strips from 1.25 to 3.9 mm thick with two types of corrugation:

D1-68×13 mm

D3 – 125×26 mm

Trenchcoat polymer coating can be applied on one or both sides of pipes. Research results show that the polymer coating Trenchcoat perfectly resists chemically aggressive environments.


The installation time for HelCor and HelCor PA pipes is much shorter than for concrete pipes. Simple and fast Assembly reduces construction time, and allows you to install HelCor structures without stopping traffic. An additional protective layer of Trenchcoat polymer coating can be applied on one or both sides of the sheet. The resulting protective layer is the best barrier that protects against the natural process of zinc and steel corrosion, mechanical damage, aggressive chemical compounds, as well as chemical and electrochemical corrosion. At the moment, this is the world’s best method of anti-corrosion protection of spiral corrugated pipes, which allows them to ensure their service life of up to 100 years.

For more detailed technical information, please contact the technical Department of Viakon Technologies LLC.

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