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ViaCon was founded in 1986 in Sweden and Norway as a company specializing in the design and production of corrugated steel structures.

Viacon Technologies LLC is a part of the international holding ViaCon Group. Currently, ViaCon Group operates in such countries as Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Russia.

Thanks to technical support from the entire group of companies and accumulated experience, each of the ViaCon Group companies offers the highest quality products and professional engineering support for the project from the design stage to the stage of installation supervision on the site.

Since 2008, Viakon Technologies LLC has launched production of spiral corrugated culverts in the Republic of Belarus, and since 2016-steel spiral corrugated tanks for collecting and storing stormwater and waste water, storing fire-fighting water supplies and Sewerage devices.

Since the start of production, we have produced more than 6,200 tons of spiral pipes and sold more than 1,267 tons of prefabricated metal corrugated structures (transport tunnels, bio-transitions, etc.).

Our products


HELCOR corrugated pipes

Metal spiral corrugated pipes


prefabricated corrugated structures

Prefabricated metal corrugated structures


WaterCorTank Tanks

Tanks made of steel galvanized spiral corrugated pipe


Noise screens

structures designed to protect residential buildings from road noise


vertical tanks

Tanks made of steel spiral corrugated pipe

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